The Immortal

For the Voice of Industry


Mid the tresses of beauty,
The diamond may shine,
With pearls from the ocean,
And gold from the mine;

But with the Immortal
They claim not a part; -
They win not affection,
They touch not the heart.

But Meekness of Spirit,
And Kindness and Truth
Are beautiful ever,
In age as in youth;

And when the illusions
Of beauty and fame
Have passed like a vision
These flourish the same.



Moral Disobedience

In goodness God did smile
On Adam when alone;
And from his side a woman made,
To cheer and bless his home.

‘Tis sweet, he said, that man should have
A partner for his joys;
A friend in whom to succor love,
In Eden’s blessed powers.

Now Adam’s wife, her name was Eve,
And she was truly lovely;
“In pastures green, they both did live,”
So says the scriptures holy.

As out one day, the loving pair
Beside a tree were standing;
Said Eve, “My dear – do look up there,
And see what ‘tis that’s hanging!”

Then from the clouds as voice was heard
Which echo’d “fair and wide;”
To Eve it, said, “that fruit’s not bread,
From goodness ‘twill defile.”

To her it said, “If you but taste,
Your bliss is sealed forever!
From paradise you’ll quickly haste,
And with you goes your lover.”

To Eve it is said, “the will” was given
To choose the evil or the good;
Thus temptingly was placed before her,
The fruit that seemed so much like food.

The tempter then in serpent form,
Upon the tree was seen;
He plucked the fairest fruit there from,
And said, “poor Eve you’re green.”

With wiley ways and charming sound,
To Eve he did extend,
A portion of the fruit he’d found,
And said “I’ll be your friend.”

With woman’s confidence and trust,
She did in him confide;
And out of Eden was she thrust,
And all the world beside.



Darkly the night is falling
Over the solemn sea;
Sadly my soul is calling,
My Father unto Thee.

List to the tearful pleadings
My spirit sends to Thee.
Staunch Thou my torn heart’s bleeding –
Oh! send relief to me.

Lone is my way, and dreary –
My life is one long sigh
Help Thou, oh! help the weary –
No other help is nigh.

Father, with loving kindness,
Be Thou the sufferers stay;
Oh! guide me in my blindness,
Along life’s darkening way.

Oh! give me strength and lower
The cloud-like years o’er me;
And keep me with They power,
Till home I go to Thee.


Oct. 1846.


The Voice of Industry is in the public domain.


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