The ‘Song of the Spinners," a choral piece about women working in the cotton mills. It first appeared appeared in the Lowell Offering, and later in the Voice of Industry. The words speak to the economic independence experienced by many of the women who came to the mills, especially during the early period.

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The day is over, no longer will we toil and spin;

For evening's hush withdraws from the daily din.

And how we sing with gladsome hearts,

The theme of the spinner's song.

That labor to leisure a zest imparts,

Unknown to the idle throng.


We spin all day, and then, in the time for rest,

Sweet peace is found, A joyous and welcome guest.

Despite of toil we all agree, or out of the Mills or in,

Dependent on others we never will be,

So long as we are able to spin.

The Voice of Industry is in the public domain.


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