The Future Age.

I closed my eyes on the dark past, and lo! a beautiful vision of the future operated to my imagination, - the nations of the earth had ceased hostilities, - the flag of the warrior was furled; and laid in the dust, - and all the trophies and monuments of war were burled out of human sight; all was concord and amity. The green earth rejoiced in a softer sunlight, and all nature was in jubilee. Religion, with a radiant brow, and aspect of heavenly benignity, sat among the children of men. She called unto her Science and Liberty, and said: - “Behold! these are my sisters!” At that moment, the rainbow bent its arch-over the scene, and the nations bowed in silent submission.

—Truth Seeker Magazine


They who work in the Mills

Excerpt from Fall River Turnout

Although we have no sympathy with "strikes" and "turnouts," we must thoroughly detest the conspiracy of money to corporations. We did not say that "turnouts" have not been useful, but that they are so no longer. They always result in the triumph of capital and the sadder and more hopeless suppression of labor, and oppression which comes of hope extinguished. I merely incoherent, tumultuous, and clamorous multitude cannot accomplish anything effectual. In all reform there must be a common end or purpose in view; a well defined method or order, and devoted, generous, persistent action. Mere "turnouts" do not include either of them.

Instead of quibbling, temporizing, and compromising with capitalists, we want to see the working classes getting daily into a position of independence through a system of cooperation and mutual guarantees. When they can obtain the means of living independent capitalist, then, and not till then, will "strikes" and "turnouts" mean something. They must consolidate and combined so as to become their own employers and do their own trading without the interference of go-betweens and jobbers. Let them unite in themselves both the functions of laborer and capitalist.

So long as we are dependent on cotton mills for employment, so long shall we be oppressed. They who work in the mills ought to own them.


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